A spectacular home built by the brilliant Reni Folawiyo is featured on Architectural Digest

Reni Folawiyo's home, a striking structure that has blessed the very expensive but traditional Ikoyi environment for the better part of a decade, was just deservedly featured by the acclaimed Architectural Digest.

It is a monumental moment for Reni Folawiyo, a seasoned champion of African art, fashion and all things luxury. It's also a notable moment for the city of Lagos, a city that offers the perfect landscape for unique architecture and design, but never really embraced variety and experimentation, probably due to the city's status as Africa's leading capitalist hub where the "return on investment" is king so experimental design projects are usually muted or relegated.

Reni's home is refreshingly unique, still employing familiar materials such as cement and steel especially on the exterior, but used without creative restraint. Her interior design is clearly informed by her design language, it's extremely intentional, unapologetically African, warm and modern. I'm glad this home exists and is featured in a global publication,  as prior to this feature, the public never had a proper glimpse into this iconic structure. I hope this structure will inspire the necessary risk and creativity that is sorely missing in our neighbourhoods.

Kudos to Reni Folawiyo and her clan. Kudos to Architectural Digest for profiling this gem. 

AD's profile of this gorgeous home can be found here <>.

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