The Lamborghini Countach: My boyhood dream car is back...and its hybrid!

The Lamborghini Countach: My boyhood dream car is back...and its hybrid!

I don't want to sound pretentious or even out of touch, but the Lamborghini Countach is my favourite car of all time. 

I don't exactly remember the first time or place I saw a poster of this majestic beast, but the geometric lines and futuristic aesthetic has been imprinted on my mind for the better part of two decades.

If you didn’t have a poster of the Countach on your wall, you definitely knew someone who did. And if you dreamed about striking it rich and buying a mansion someday, that image most likely included a Countach in your five-car garage.

This car was fucking outrageous, a bonafide symbol of luxury, excess, outrageous design and weirdly capitalism.

Remember that outrageous scene in the Wolf of Wall Street where Leanardo DiCaprio's character was drugged up and tried to get out of his magnificent sports car to stop Donny from destroying their entire operation. That scene cemented the Martin Scorcese film as a classic for me, not really because of the acting, which was spectacular btw, but because of the Lamborghini Countach perfectly framing the scene.

Lamborghini (God bless them!) decided to bring this iconic vehicle back, although in limited numbers (only 112 will be made) and will probably sell for an unimaginable sum.

The revived Countach will have an aspirated V12 engine with a 48V electric motor — meaning the supercar will retain its familiar engine growl while also receiving some of its power from electrons. A hybrid to appease the environmentalists and offer some sense of ecological responsibility on their part.

I may never get to drive this car in my lifetime, fingers are crossed though, but I really got emotional when the revival was announced. Maybe its because it reminds of the feeling of wonder i first felt when i saw that poster for the first time. You may roll your eyes at this, but the design of this car means everything to me, and any design I love, I tend to be very emotional and attached to whatever it may be.

Simply put, this car makes me dream.


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