Watch Stories: Enyinna

Watch Stories: Enyinna

by Nkemka Uche

For the third installment of Watch Stories we spoke with Enyinna.

How I got into watches: Watches are my favourite collectible item but I didn’t really come into watches per se. Liking watches came about from me liking nice things. Some of my family members like watches with diamonds and fancy stuff – I don’t like any of that. I like classic pieces that I can possibly hand over to the next generation. I take watches as something to hand on to the next generation, something to have to look nice. I really like watches but I’m not yet a watch aficionado. Not yet.

My current collection: I’m currently wearing a Chopard Two O Ten. It’s a sports chronograph with a Tachymeter scale. I got it as a gift from my Uncle who I was disturbing for a Cartier Ballon Bleu that he doesn’t wear anymore. He ended up not giving it to me and he gave me the Chopard watch instead.

My ideal case size: I get a lot of attention from older guys who think that the big face watch is the new thing and I’m very surprised by it. I don’t particularly like this watch to be honest. I think it’s too big for my wrist. I would have rather had a square dial or something smaller but I can’t be choosing what I get. I want to trade it very quickly but it’s ok.

My next watch: I was in Dubai looking at Cartier watches and I thought I would buy one this year. I want to buy a Tank Americaine; I think it’s my favourite watch right now. I looked at Jaeger-LeCoultre Reversos but those are very expensive. I want a square face watch so I think the Tank Americaine is the next one I’m going to get. Once I upgrade to an Americaine I’m probably going to give my Two O Ten to my younger brother.

My sources for watch news/info: There’s a website I check watches out on: It’s called Hodinkee. I look at Hodinkee from time to time and I follow them on Instagram as well. For buying watches I use 1stdibs because they have an extensive catalogue of new and pre-owned watches. I have the 1stdibs app on my phone so I look at it to get a sense of prices.

There are a lot of very good collectors on Instagram; one of them is Le Monde Edmond. I think following watch collectors on Instagram – patekcollector for example – is the best way to have a good understanding of the inspirations behind a lot of these watches.

Last names withheld to allow guests speak freely.

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